Every Cell Tells a Story

Go beyond the limits of population averaged metrics to understand the true behaviour of your cells.



Livecyte™ lets you automatically follow every individual cell; measure how they move and change, to uncover previously imperceptible relationships within complex heterogeneous cell populations.


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Closer to Real Life

Let the treatments make a difference, not the measurement technique.


high contrast imagery without comprimise

Eliminate the constraints of phototoxicity and population averaged analysis for more accurate, reliable and meaningful data.

Livecyte's fluorescent like label-free imaging creates a gentler, more natural environment, providing high contrast images with minimal cell perturbation.  


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Livecyte Just Works

Focus on the science, not the instrument.


Livecyte allows you to replicate conditions and compare several treatments in the same experiment, generating multiple outputs-at the touch of a button.

With no complex training requirements and compatible with standard laboratory consumables, Livecyte allows you to make more efficient use of your laboratory resources.


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