High content live cell assays from 96 wells to single cells



  • Livecyte is the only instrument optimised for high-content long-term live cell assays with automated cell tracking
  • Quickly uncover phenotypic differences with easy-to-use graphical proliferation, morphology, scratch-wound and motility dashboards
  • Make faster decisions with full assay outputs immediately available after each experiment
  • Unique ptychographic quantitative phase imaging technology enables a wide range of label-free assays with or without complementary fluorescence
  • Multi-scale data analysis and visualisation means you can explore assay outputs from a whole-plate view down to individual cell metrics and lineage trees


From Images to Insights


  • Easy-to-use image processing and tracking algorithms allow individual cells to be identified in real time.
  • Explore how the properties of those identified cells, and how they change over time.



Powerful Integrated Analysis


  • Integrated analysis suite enables cell behaviour to be monitored as a function of treatment
  • Easily export results in Excel and Graphpad formats
  • Monitor many different types of behaviour, from morphological to motile, in every experiment
  • No need for multiple separate experiments

Directly Measure Motility and Migration with Livecyte

From the assay level...

...To the single-cell level

Closer to Real Life

Let the treatments make a difference, not the measurement technique.


  • Eliminate the constraints of phototoxicity and population averaged analysis for more accurate, reliable and meaningful data
  • Livecyte's fluorescence-like label-free mode creates a gentler, more natural environment, providing high contrast images with minimal cell perturbation
  • Still want fluorescence?  Livecyte also offers up to 7 fluorescence channels!