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πBox - Reconstruction Engine




… a diffractive image reconstruction engine for ptychographic processing at multiple wavelengths …

The Phasefocus πbox product implements data processing aspects of Phasefocus’s imaging methods that are known collectively as the “Phasefocus Virtual Lens®” or “ptychography.”

Instant Ptychography

Turn raw diffraction pattern data into high quality ptychographic reconstructions with πbox, a self-contained reconstruction engine.

Instant ptychography
Latex Spheres Electron

Any Wavelength

Visible light, X-ray, Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, even particle beams such as electrons can be used generate diffraction pattern (DP) inputs to πbox.

Simple Network Interface

πbox can be connected directly to another computer, on a local network (LAN) or even over the internet.

Simple network interface