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    Mitosis and Motility

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Investigating Prostate Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapy Using Live Cell Imaging


Learn more about the York University team’s prostate cancer research in this video


Watch Professor Maitland speak about how Livecyte helps in his exciting work

Investigating resistance to chemotherapy using live cell imaging

Characterisation of Sub-populations of Heterogenous Patient Derived Primary Prostate Epithelial Cell Cultures


  • Analyse and extract parameters to identify heterogeneity within mixed cancer cell populations.

  • Compare treatments across multiple wells.

  • Uncover and isolate sub-populations.

  • Use your cells again after measurement.

Livecyte just borrows your precious cells


Read the Application Note

Automated Determination of Mitotic Time on Livecyte


  • Automatically compare mitotic time label-free.

  • Compare across multiple wells and treatments.

  • Investigate failed mitotic events.

Automatically investigate effects of treatments on Mitotic duration


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Dynamic and Morphological Phenotypic Characterisation


  • Compare population level and individual level data.

  • Explore Heterogeneity in your data.

  • Uncover subtle differences in behaviour masked by traditional analysis.

Uncover the differences that matter to your experiment


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Motility Dashboard


  • Automatically compare motility metrics across treatments.

  • Investigate speed and directionality.

  • Investigate random and chemotactic motion.


Watch the Motility Dashboard Video

Mitotic Time Dashboard


  • Label-free automated calculation of Mitotic Time.

  • Examine mitotic events and failed mitosis.

Delve deep into your experimental results at a press of a button


Watch the Mitotic Time Dashboard Video

Watch the Automated Determination of Mitotic Time Video

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