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    Livecyte Dashboards

    Multiple Outputs in a Single View

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Livecyte's assay-level analysis is provided by Analyse's Dashboards view: Groups of graphs which provide detailed descriptions of different phenotypic behaviours. They are

  • All available on completion of every experiment
  • Require no additional processing time
  • Easy-to-use
  • Navigable with a single mouse click


See how easy it is to explore different behaviour types in this short video...

Proliferation Dashboard



  • Cell Count
  • Confluence
  • Starting Dry Mass
  • Dry Mass
  • Cell Doubling Time
  • Dry Mass Doubling Time

Mitosis Dashboard



  • Total Mitosis Events
  • Cell Count
  • Mitotic Index
  • Mitotic Time

Random Motility Dashboard



  • Instantaneous Velocity
  • Directionality
  • Track Speed
  • Displacement
  • Mean Velocity
  • Confinement Ratio

Wound Healing Dashboard



  • Starting Area
  • Area
  • Area T1/2
  • Collective Migration
  • Leading Edge Track Speed
  • Directionality

Morphology (Population) Dashboard



  • Confluence
  • Median Cell Dry Mass
  • Median Cell Area
  • Median Cell Perimeter
  • Median Length Width Ratio
  • Median Sphericity

Morphology (Single Cell) Dashboard



  • Confluence
  • Dry Mass
  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Length Width Ratio
  • Sphericity


Fluorescence Dashboard



  • Median Integrated Intensity
  • Integrated Intensity
  • Total Integrated Intensity