• Livecyte automatically measures cell count, dry mass and mitosis in 96 well plate assays.
  • This enables cell proliferation to be quantified independently from cell growth factors giving a more in depth analysis of cell proliferative behaviours.

Measure cell proliferation and growth automatically from 96 well assays to the single cell level

  • Overcome the problems with manually tracking live cells
  • Automatically generate motility outputs without introducing phototoxcity
  • Directly measure cell motility without the need for proxy gap closure assays

Automatically measure cell motility without a scratch wound assay

  • Overcome the limitations of confluence-based approaches by using a direct measure of cell motility.
  • Automatically calculate leading edge cell speed and directionality.
  • Definitively separate out migration from proliferative or morphological behaviours using Dashboards

Go beyond traditional wound healing assays by directly measuring cell motility

  • Directly measure mitotic time with individual cells
  • Measure random and chemotactic migration
  • Identify and characterise differences in subpopulations in  heterogenous primary cultures
  • Correlate motility to morphological differences
  • Generate statistically valid results from multiple repeats in 96-wells

Automatically measure the morphology and motion of every cell

  • True label-free cell count, not just confluence
  • Monitor dry mass to automatically determine viability and cell death
  • Statistically robust results from multiple repeats in 96-well plates
  • Generate label-free dose-response curves
  • Identify dynamic toxic responses missed by other methods

Go beyond confluence-based toxicity assays

  • Label-free timelapse tube formation assays
  • High-resolution large fields-of-view with no stitching
  • Perform assays on Matrigel and standard plates
  • Automated post-acquisition focus ensures consistent image quality for every well
  • Simple, yet powerful analysis of tube formation metrics with Application Dashboard outputs

Automated analysis to determine tube length, formation, diameter etc

  • Identify morphological phenotypes
  • Watch and quantify cell differentiation
  • Monitor stem cell populations, for many days, without perturbing cell behaviour
  • Image through plastic and coated plates
  • Image on extracellular matrices
  • Cells are still viable after imaging

Obtain quantitative measurements without perturbing your cells