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Customer Testimonials

York - A Vital Tool for Prostate Cancer Primary Cell Analysis
Life has changed a lot over the past four decades, but for most cancer research centers, studies carried out on cell lines first obtained 40 years ago are commonplace. Things are different in Professor Norman Maitland’s laboratory at the University of York, where the research is carried out on tumor samples obtained regularly in cooperation with local hospitals. Learn more about Dr Fiona Frame and Dr Amanda Noble's prostate cancer research, highlighting how technological advances are enabling scientists to establish which cell types are the most resistant to existing cancer treatments.
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St Georges - Automated Live-Cell Tracking streamlines workflows
Greg Perry is Image Resource Facility Microscopy Manager at St George’s University of London, where a Phasefocus Livecyte was installed earlier this year.
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Huntsman Cancer Institute - A High-End All-In Live Imaging Platform
Dr Robert Judson-Torres reviews the Livecyte; "Bottom line, this is a high end fully integrated "plate-to-data" live-QPI/fluorescence imaging platform, with a user-friendly interface, ability to run complex analyses, and a knowledgeable, friendly and responsive after sales care team."
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The Francis Crick Institute - Quantifying Live-Cell Drug Resistance
In this video Dr. Kurt Anderson, Head of Light and Imaging Analysis, and Dr. Alix Le Marois, project research scientist, from The Francis Crick Institute, discuss the numerous techniques and innovations of the Livecyte cell analysis system from Phasefocus. With label-free, high contrast imaging, the Livecyte system allows segmentation of cells in order to identify a range of cellular phenotypic characteristics, including mitosis and lineage tracing. Le Marois’s research modeling rare populations of cells resistance to lung cancer treatments has been assisted by the gentle, non-invasive imaging that produces no perturbation of cell behaviour. This has led to observations of unexpected cell behaviour via the general health and morphology of the cell as enabled by the Livecyte system.
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