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    A Gentler, More Natural Imaging Environment

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Closer to Real Life


Let the treatments make the difference, not the instrument.
Want to compare the effect of your treatments on the cell populations, without the measurement technique influencing the behaviour of your cells?
Livecyte™ combines label-free imaging with low level illumination and smart monitoring of environmental conditions ensuring cell behaviour is much closer to real life conditions. You can be confident that your measurements better reflect the differences caused by the treatments and not any unwanted influence from the instrument.



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Cells Are Precious


Livecyte just borrows your cells.
Livecyte just borrows your cells, it doesn't use them up.
With its full-instrument incubation system and gentle label-free imaging, cells remain viable at the end of every experiment, - even sensitive cells. Performing downstream analysis not only saves time and money, but also increases confidence when correlating with subsequent measurements.


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Long Term Imaging, Large Field of View

Never miss that important event again.
Follow cells of interest for extended periods without leaving the large Field of View (FOV), enabling you to chronicle every aspect of a cell's experience.
Livecyte's label-free low illumination imaging allows thousands of individual cells to be measured for days or weeks, without any noticeable perturbation to their natural behaviour.



Watch the Long Term Imaging with Large Field Of View Video

Sensitive Imaging for Sensitive Cells


Want truly representative data?
Livecyte's ptychographic QPI imaging offers the versatility to measure and monitor sensitive cell types such as primary cells, patient derived cells and stem cells.
These types of cells are much closer to their natural origins compared with immortalised cell lines, providing a more realistic account of cell behaviour in response to treatment conditions.

With Livecyte's sensitive imaging you can be confident that the environment and measurement conditions will not imapct on the behaviour of these delicate cells 


Read the Primary Cell Application Note

Watch the Imaging IPSCs Cells On Livecyte Video