Phasefocus, the Sheffield-based company supplying tools to help researchers develop cures for cancer and stem cell therapies, has secured additional investment as it prepares to launch the newest version of its flagship live cell imaging and analysis system, Livecyte™.

Livecyte enables research biologists to automatically quantify and compare dynamic live cell behaviour in an easy-to-use standard assay format, without the need for fluorescent labels.  Its high-contrast videos, produced by Phasefocus’s patented Ptychographic Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) technology, with automated single-cell tracking, and analysis software provide richer information content at the single-cell level than other techniques, enabling users to explore and compare cellular phenotypes in new ways.

The technology is being used by researchers targeting novel stem cell therapies where the ability to accurately characterise and profile live cell behaviour, in a manner that does not adversely impact the cells, is crucial for progress in this field. 

Oncology researchers investigating treatments that target cell motility, cell cycle, morphology or proliferation can now obtain direct measurements of all these aspects of individual cell behaviour from every experiment, helping their work understanding and developing optimum treatments for cancer.

Dr. Martin Humphry, CEO stated “I’d like to thank our investors for their continuing support.  We’re really excited about the latest version of Livecyte, which keeps us at the forefront of live cell imaging technology.  It is our mission to enable cancer and stem cell researchers to develop the next generation of therapies.”

Livecyte 2 is available to pre-order now, and visitors to the Cyto 2019 Conference in Vancouver (June 22-29), can see the system on display at the Phasefocus booth 127.




Phasefocus Livecyte 2 with SMART incubation technology


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