This announcement signals the start of an exciting time for Phasefocus, as the company seeks to make headway on its initial achievements and strengthen its reach in the American market, to exploit the growing interest in the company’s flagship imaging and analysis system.

Tracey Zimmermann, VP Global Sales at Phasefocus commented “We are thrilled to have Bulldog Bio as our commercial partner for North America. We were attracted by their track record for introducing innovative new products into the market and fully expect to capitalise on their previous success.  Their extensive knowledge of the local scientific community will be a great asset in driving uptake of Livecyte and reinforcing the benefits of the technology.”

Livecyte-Cell-Imaging-and-Analysis-System.jpgLivecyte utilises Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) enabling researchers to continuously track and analyse cell behaviour in a more natural experimental environment. The use of low level illumination makes Livecyte particularly suited for imaging of sensitive cells, such as primary cells and stem cells, providing comprehensive morphological and kinetic data to the individual cell level.

Bulldog Bio co-founder Mike Mortillaro added “Bulldog Bio is very excited to add Livecyte to its portfolio of live cell imaging instruments. We believe that QPI is the next big thing for imaging live cells because this technology does not require any sort of dye, label or tag to accurately quantify over two dozen physical characteristics for each and every cell in its field of view.”

His colleague David Unger responded “There are many labs in North America that will certainly benefit, by adding the finer detail obtained using Livecyte, to their live cell imaging capabilities and we look forward to introducing them to this award winning cell imaging system. ”

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