Livecyte Measures True Cell Growth

Confluence, used by other live cell analysis systems, is an imperfect measure of cell growth.

Cells can spread out.
Cells can contract or ball-up.
Cells can divide symmetrically or asymmetrically.
Cells can grow without dividing.

In addition to confluence and cell count, you can differentiate between all these different behaviours with Livecyte's cell dry mass measurement.  
Dry mass is a measure of the amount of matter in each cell, providing a direct measurement of cell growth.

See an example assay in the Application Note



Compare Growth at the Single Cell Level



This video shows two cell lineages within a cancer cell population highlighted in Livecyte's Analyse software.

The dry mass plot (top right) shows the cells growing and dividing.  The green cell grows faster than the orange cell - both cell divide at the same dry mass (size), but the green cell lineage consistently proliferates faster than the orange cell throughout its lineage.


Label-free Cell Death Measurement


Measurement of population dry mass naturally quantifies cell death and cell growth.

Cells undergoing apoptosis eject cellular matter, causing their dry mass to decrease.



 There is nothing out there that can do what the Livecyte does.
There are huge array of analysis possibilities that allow you to ask questions that no other system can answer.  


Dr Mat Hardman, University of Hull