Phase Focus | Live Cell Imaging
Phasefocus brings to multiple markets a range of products and services based on its proprietary Phasefocus Virtual Lens®
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Live Cell Imaging

For more information on our new Livecyte instrument, please click here.

The Phasefocus Virtual Lens® provides non-toxic phenotypic screening for live cells, enabling long-term time-lapse assays without the need for fluorescent labels.  This is an important consideration for the screening of sensitive primary cells, and stem cells.

Based on an imaging method known as ptychography , this label-free microscopy approach is particularly suitable for reporting cellular changes such as mitosis, apoptosis and cell differentiation, for example.

  • Cell count, confluence and proliferation, at multiple time-points – Allows simple yet robust cell population monitoring.
  • Toxicity, cell viability and apoptosis rate – Provides the kinetics of the cytotoxic response rather than just a snapshot like many colorimetric endpoint assays.
  • Mitotic index vs time – Measurement at multiple time-points allows identification of changes in proliferation as a population evolves.
  • Morphology such as sphericity, nucleus-cytoplasm ratio – Highlights changes in cell behaviour such as formation of neuronal processes.
  • Cell motility, including scratch-wound assays – Robustly measures cell migration parameters.
  • Cell thickness, volume and dry mass.

The Phasefocus Virtual Lens provides an extremely versatile platform for time-lapse label-free imaging, with post-acquisition capabilities for the analysis of cell state and cell cycle.

Operation is fully-automated, but with options to tailor data acquisition protocols to suit user needs.