Phase Focus | Lens thickness measurement
Phasefocus brings to multiple markets a range of products and services based on its proprietary Phasefocus Virtual Lens®
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Lens thickness measurement

Lens thickness is provided with unequalled lateral resolution and thickness sensitivity across the entire area of fully hydrated contact lenses:

  • Standard lateral resolution = 7µm over the whole lens area
  • Optional high-resolution = 1µm in selected areas (e.g.: lens edges)
  • Relative thickness measurement sensitivity = ±0.1µm
  • Multiple data output options in printable Portable Document Format:
    • Whole-lens thickness map (quantitative colour scale)
    • Thickness profiles along selected meridians; circles concentric with the lens circumference
    • Other customer-defined profiles
    • Data export for standard file formats (e.g.: .xlsx; .tiff; .png)

Lens Thickness GUI Example