Phase Focus | Lens profiler
Phasefocus brings to multiple markets a range of products and services based on its proprietary Phasefocus Virtual Lens®
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Lens profiler

The Phasefocus Virtual Lens technology sets a new standard for soft contact lens metrology, providing high precision resolution and sensitivity for the whole-lens analysis of soft contact lenses in their hydrated state.   This system combines accurate reproducible results, with simple operation.  Thickness, Dk/t and power mapping are all available in one instrument.

The Phasefocus Lens Profiler system is used by many contact lens manufacturers and researchers worldwide, for more information, and pricing, please get in touch: contact us

Thickness Mapping

  • Standard lateral resolution 7µm
  • Optional high resolution 0.7µm in selected lens areas eg. edges
  • Relative thickness sensitivity ±50nm
  • Whole lens thickness maps
  • Thickness profiles
  • Thickness profiles across user-selected meridians, circles, chords, etc.
  • Data export for standard file formats (eg. .xls, .tiff, .png)

DK/t Mapping

  • Dk/t maps across the entire lens area
  • Dk/t maps of lenses with complex thickness profiles, such as toric and multifocal lenses
  • Differential Dk/t measurements across the power range, and between central and peripheral areas.

Power Mapping

  • Single instrument mean spherical power repeatability better than 0.02D
  • Industry leading lateral resolution (up to 7μm)
  • Low noise central region and optimised optical axis alignment
  • Automatic calculation of Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Prism.

Phasefocus Lens Viewer Software

Our powerful LensViewer software allows full visualisation of lens parameters  on measured data files, generated using our Lens Profiler system.  The Lens Viewer software is available as a stand-alone software programme, for use away from the instrument, giving you flexibility to analyse your measurement files anywhere.

You can create and edit your own thickness, Dk/t and power maps, including line profiles, image files, and .csv data files of your measured contact lenses.

We have just added a new feature, which will allow you to compare Phasefocus measured files with your lens design data, and create a difference image.  For more information, please contact us.

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