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Phasefocus brings to multiple markets a range of products and services based on its proprietary Phasefocus Virtual Lens®
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ASCB 2013: Phase Focus KTP associate, Dr Rakesh Suman, was runner up with his video entitled “Cellular Heaven & Hell.”

09:21 18 February in News

Time-lapse movies of a cellular "heaven and hell," a dividing crane fly sperm cell and the early development of muscle cells were recognized with the top three awards in the American Society for Cell Biology's Celldance "Really Useful" Cell Biology Video Contest for 2013. The...

Phasefocus Lens profiler meets the need for improved definition of contact lens specifications

11:17 05 February in News

Users of the Phasefocus Lens Profiler have highlighted how a lack of industry data can make it difficult to understand the clinical performance characteristics of soft contact lenses. With respect to the refractive characteristics of simultaneous-image (multi-focal) lenses a paper published in Optometry and Vision Science...

Phase Focus Announces the Delivery and Installation of a Lens Profiler Instrument to the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney, Australia

09:03 05 August in News

Phase Focus Limited is pleased to announce the successful delivery and installation of a Lens Profiler Instrument to the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Sydney, Australia; one of the worlds leading applied vision correction research institutes. This innovative instrument uses the Phase Focus Virtual Lens® method...

Research council article hails Phase Focus technology as “revolutionary”

17:13 07 June in News

Scientists have characterised the application of the Phase Focus Virtual Lens® technology in electron microscopy as “disruptive”, commenting that the ability to generate high contrast without the use of potentially damaging stains “will revolutionise the way that electron microscopy is applied in the life sciences.” Their...