Phase Focus | Translational Research Institute, Australia leads the way with Livecyte in APAC
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Translational Research Institute, Australia leads the way with Livecyte in APAC

12:12 01 November in News

The Translational Research Institute (TRI), Brisbane has become the first centre in Australia and the Asia Pacific region to adopt the Livecyte™ Cell Imaging and Analysis system.

TRI was formed to enhance collaboration between science, healthcare and industry with the purpose of accelerating the application of innovative scientific research to improve healthcare outcomes.

The Institute, derived from a partnership between Queensland Health; Princess Alexandra Hospital, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Mater Research & its health partner DSM biologics, provides both laboratory facilities and resources to aid the research community in developing solutions which address key clinical issues.

Developed by UK-based company Phasefocus™, Livecyte enables quantitative, label free, live cell imaging and analysis of single and multiple cell types in heterogeneous cell populations using ptychographic quantitative phase imaging (QPI).

Requiring only low-level illumination, Livecyte provides a gentle experimental environment which mimics the behaviour of cells in “real life” making it suitable for more clinically and physiologically relevant primary and stem cell populations, alongside traditional cell assays.

Richard Kasprowicz runs through Livecyte operation with Alex Stevenson from the TRI Melanoma Research Group.

Prof. Brian Gabrielli, who leads the Melanoma Research team at Mater Research saw the capabilities of Livecyte first-hand, during a visit to the University of York, UK and immediately recognized its potential to gain a better understanding of cell cycle defects associated with melanoma.

Following a review of the system’s functionality, funding was then successfully sought to procure Livecyte for the Microscopy core facility at TRI.

Senior microscopy scientist Dr Sandrine Roy who manages the facility commented “The label-free imaging potential for primary cell studies is very exciting in tracking cell behaviour with minimal interference and we are all really excited to have such a powerful automated system to help with the data analysis.   “

Tracey Zimmermann, Phasefocus VP Global Sales added “We are delighted by TRI’s decision to purchase Livecyte for their microscopy facility.  This is a significant result for Phasefocus and we have great expectations for Livecyte in the Asia Pacific region, supported by the achievements of the researchers in Brisbane”.

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