Phase Focus | Phase Focus technology to “open up a rich new branch” of X-ray analysis
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Phase Focus technology to “open up a rich new branch” of X-ray analysis

10:16 09 April in News

The technique behind the Phase Focus Virtual lens®, known in the academic literature as ptychography, is being rapidly adopted as an important tool in X-ray microscopy, adding to its existing applications at electron and visible light wavelengths. The ability of ptychography to provide quantitative phase information “will open up a rich new branch of X-ray spectromicroscopy,” according to the authors of a peer-reviewed publication in Nature Communications. Moreover, evidence is provided that ptychogrqphy can overcome a key challenge of diffractive imaging methods by dramatically reducing the large dynamic range of the acquired data. The Nature Communications results were obtained in the TwinMic X-ray microscope at the Elettra synchrotron facility in Italy.

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